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We welcome…Action for Conservation

Action for Conservation Join RYH

Another year, another stand-out charity joins the RYH fold.

We welcome… Action for Conservation.

Why do they exist?

UK wildlife has suffered significant damage over the past 40 years, with over 50% of species now in decline.

The RSPB believes that nearly 80% of children in the UK don’t have an adequate connection to nature. And as children and young people lose contact with nature, they are less likely to fight to protect it as they grow older.

What do AfC do?

  1. They run their WildED programme for pupils  of inner city secondary schools. Pupils work together on local environmental projects that positively impact biodiversity, increase their connection to nature and build their skills.
  2. AfC’s camps in the UK National parks give smaller groups from mixed backgrounds transformational moments in nature and hands-on conservation experience, equipping them with the skills and motivation to become future leaders.
  3. Participants are given the chance to join a one-year Ambassador Programme of mentoring, events and training sessions that empower them to lead change in their own communities and create a powerful youth voice for nature nationally.

What stood out about AfC?

  • A young and passionate team who have a deep rooted sense of their mission, a strategic outlook and a vision to influence change in future generations
  • A desire to put their participants at the centre of their work and give them a voice, for example, by having youth trustees on their board
  • A determination to diversify the green economy by on reaching young people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the outdoors
  • A growing organisation with impressive reach and engagement figures

Annual monitoring is underway and it looks likely we’ll have other newcomers to the platform in 2022. Watch this space!

We welcome…Action for Conservation

This news article was posted on 18 February 2022.