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Dot Impact

The Dot Impact Bulletin

Innovation, tech and inspiration from the cutting-edge of social good

How it works

When we set out to create a new bulletin about the world of social good, it was with three goals in mind:

  1. to show the good already being done around the world, as a counterpoint to the news culture of chaos and crisis
  2. to create a window on a future where technology is used for good
  3. to give readers, quick simple tips on ways they can have a positive impact

And because it’s Raise Your Hands, it had to be innovative, fresh and unlike charity as you know it.

The result was the Dot Impact Bulletin.

We curate the most exciting news from the world of social good and tech, showing ways that you can make a difference.

Who receives the bulletin?

Dot Impact goes out to those giving to Raise Your Hands on a regular basis and companies partnered with Raise Your Hands as part of our Dot Impact strategic philanthropy.

How often does it go out?

There are four issues of Dot Impact per year, one every quarter.

Can I have a browse?

Of course. You can read a back issue here.

This looks great.
I must get my hands on it immediately.

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