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Dot Impact

The Mission:

To mobilise company giving…

…for the benefit of small charities working with children

An Overview

Raise Your Hands exists to increase the impact of exceptional small charities. We seek out and screen our charities. Then we build a relationship and monitor their progress.

Dot Impact is our way of sharing this expertise with companies that want to do charitable giving differently.

Dot Impact enables companies to:

1) Demonstrate a genuine focus on social impact

2) Engage their staff in the process

3) Scale charitable giving with limited resource input

Dot Impact Companies


Companies face challenges

  • Understanding the charitable sector requires time and insight. Monitoring impact isn’t straightforward
  • It’s not always cost efficient to set up an in-house CSR department
  • Communicating charitable endeavour both internally and externally requires resource

…that are more pressing than ever

“90% of MBAs prefer working for organisations committed to social impact.”
(Stanford Graduate School of Business Survey)

  • Social and commercial goals have become entwined, whether it’s recruiting the best staff or external visibility
  • A positive work culture helps employee motivation, cohesion and retention, but one size doesn’t fit all

How it works: The Core Offering

Each Dot Impact company makes a donation to the RYH charity platform.

 Then, we help build a social cause within your company and bring charitable giving to life with robust data and engaging storytelling.

This includes detailed due diligence for each charity and impact reporting that collates data and tracks progress points.

We also produce curated content tailored to your channels, such as a feed of content for your social media or bespoke newsletter style updates.

Each donation made to Raise Your Hands has an amplified social impact.

Dot Impact Infographic

Additional offerings

On top of the core partnership, we are able to offer a number of options, depending on your social impact objectives:

1) Innovations in fundraising

Staff take part in our cutting edge challenges, such as Midnight Madness, and raise additional funds.

2) Employee social impact

We design a programme of events and volunteering to get staff engaged more directly.

3) Charities up close

We can also organise more traditional team building days with individual charities on our platform.

Why Raise Your Hands?

Our mission is to support small charities working with children and young people.

We are small charity experts. Any charity that comes under our wing must submit to the following:

  • A rigorous due diligence programme
  • Five stage selection and approval process
  • Robust structure of annual monitoring

We are externally funded by patrons and supporters and are NFP ourselves.

You can read in more detail about Raise Your Hands and why we support small charities.

Sound interesting?

To find out more about how Dot Impact can unlock the potential in your company, please get in touch with Slaney Wright or for more general enquiries please contact us.