Dot Impact - Raise Your Hands | Supporting Small Charities

Dot Impact

The Mission:

To mobilise company giving…

…for the benefit of small charities working with children

An Overview

Raise Your Hands exists to increase the impact of exceptional small charities. We seek out and screen our charities. Then we build a relationship and monitor their progress.

Dot Impact is our way of sharing this expertise with companies that want to do charitable giving differently.

Dot Impact enables companies to:

1) Scale charitable giving with limited resource input

2) Engage their staff in the process

3) Demonstrate meaningful social impact to stakeholders

Dot Impact Companies


How it works

Each Dot Impact company makes a donation to the RYH charity platform.

  • 1) The evidence to give with confidence

We provide detailed due diligence and bespoke reports for internal accountability, including annual monitoring and data-driven impact reporting, tracking against wider sector performance.

  • 2) Employee engagement

We innovate in this space and design an approach to meet your goals: anything from a hackathon, where staff solve a real-life business problem for one of our charities, through to more traditional volunteering days.

  • 3) Demonstrate meaningful impact

We support you to showcase your social impact programmes to external and internal stakeholders. That might be bespoke co-branded landing pages, or a feed of content for your social media.

Each donation made to Raise Your Hands has an amplified social impact.

Additional offerings

At RYH, we design some of the most unique and engaging experiences imaginable for our company partners:

1) Bespoke immersive events

From the creative team that brought you Midnight Madness, we take staff socials and team building to a whole new level. Read more here.

2) Midnight Madness

The most ambitious immersive challenge ever created. Teams compete all night, hunting for, solving and executing puzzles embedded across iconic London landmarks. Find out more.

Sound interesting?

To find out more about how Dot Impact can unlock the potential in your company, please get in touch with Madelaine Jones or for more general enquiries please contact us.