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What we’re up to in January 2020

January is a time for looking ahead and setting those all so important resolutions…

So what’s coming up for CHIVA this year? Our national projects bring young people together for residentials building friendships and providing support from peers who uniquely understand the challenges of growing up living with HIV. We have two planned already 11-16 year olds can come to CHIVA camp for a week in summer (up to 100 of them!) and 20 older youth will be invited to two national residentials which use the ‘arts’ to explore experiences of living with HIV which can get more tricky as adulthood approaches.

The CHIVA Youth Committee have set their main campaigns for the year. 1- to raise awareness of HIV in the deaf community 2- to campaign for access to HIV medicine for all children living with HIV around the world. They have their work cut out and will also be presenting at CHIVA’s annual conference and families conference coming up in March.

CHIVA runs regional support programmes which means we can do a bit more for young people and their families at a local level and we want to step up our game this year and increase our regions with this programme from 3 to 6.

All in all our mission for 2020 is ‘do more, reach more and empower more!’ Thank you all at RYH for your ongoing support helping to make sure we achieve this.

Empower More

This is a charity update was posted on 1 January 2020.