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Change Starts with Us


Change Starts with Us

Every November Kidscape supports national Anti-Bullying Week.

Anti-Bullying Week shines a spotlight on bullying and encourages positive action to stop bullying wherever and whenever it happens. Three young people who had previously attended Kidscape ZAP bullying awareness and confidence workshops were selected to join with children from across the country to participate in workshops to create the Change Starts With Us Anti-Bullying Week report.

Change Starts With Us Anti-Bullying Week report

Young people with lived experience of bullying worked together to to make recommendations for change for tech companies, government, media, parents and carers, children and schools.

Key recommendations included:

  • Schools and education settings must record how much bullying is taking place and understand the ‘hotspots’ where bullying is more likely to happen, such as the journey to and from school
  • Social media and online gaming companies should set children’s default privacy settings to the highest level
  • Media and influencers should use their power responsibly and portray real life rather than an ideal
  • Parents and carers should attempt to understand the technology that children use, and take time to listen to children
  • Government and parliamentarians should act as role models in how they treat each other, and fund more training for schools
  • Children and young people should think about the impact of their words and actions.

These recommendations were then presented to government.  The lived experiences of young people are vital for shaping future policy and practice and Kidscape will integrate these messages in our campaigns and programme development throughout 2020.

Change Starts with Us

This is a charity update was posted on 1 January 2020.