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Small UK Charities

How our 14 amazing small charities transform young lives near you

Raise Your Hands supports 14 exceptional local charities. Specifically, small charities working with children and young people around the UK.

Working with Children

Each works in a different specialist area, whether it’s supporting young people living with HIV, bullying or sports based programmes. But they all work to transform the lives of children across the UK, improving mental health, building confidence and setting them up for a brighter future.

Just because a charity is small and doesn’t have big marketing budgets, doesn’t mean they don’t have real impact on the lives of children and young people.

Meet Our Charities

Small charities are specialists working in a particular field, which means they’re experts in what they do. Because they’re small they can work quickly and responsively to needs without the bureaucracy and politics of larger organisations.

And because they know their local area, they are best placed to meet local needs and engage with local communities.

Be Part of the Solution

Donate to RYH and support exceptional small charities around the UK, transforming young lives.

100% of your donation is passed on.

And because we’ve done the research, you can be sure your money will be put to good use.