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The Worst Timing

Tatiana’s Story

The Worst Timing

Covid-19 is having a real and lasting impact on the families that Little Village support. Around 3 in 10 families are being referred because of covid-related unemployment or economic hardship.

Tatiana’s family is one of those affected by coronavirus in this way.

Tatiana lives in south London with her partner and children. Her youngest child, Melody, 15 months, is seen here opening a bundle of essentials Little Village sent to the family.

Tatiana, who is heavily pregnant, said:

“As a family we have always been in a position to support ourselves, my partner has always worked since he was a teenager. Then Covid-19 came.

“My partner was made redundant due to the pandemic and it was the worst timing. I’m pregnant with a baby we had not planned for. I had school uniforms to buy for my older children, and I just thought, how are we going to manage all of this? I was very stressed not knowing how we’d afford baby clothes. We had given most things away.”

“Our local children’s centre helped us during lockdown with food parcels and activity packs for the kids. One of the ladies there told me about Little Village. She referred me and they sent us the items we needed really quickly.

“I’d like to say thank you so much to all the families who have donated items. Little Village gave me hope that everything was going to be OK and that there’s support out there for families. Thank you so much.”

The Worst Timing

This is a charity story from Little Village.