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Prison to Pandemic

Patrick’s Story

Prison to Pandemic

Patrick was one of the 37% of prisoners released straight into homelessness during the pandemic .

With the ceaseless support of Raph, his Switchback mentor and now friend, Patrick has not only a home but a bright future.

“The reason I committed a crime, being sent to jail, was not having money and being homeless. So you release me into exactly the same situation – to me, it doesn’t make any sense.”

Watch Patrick’s story, as featured on BBC London:

“Raph plays a very positive role in my life. He texted me, called me every week, even if there’s nothing to do, just to make sure I’m doing well. He might a key worker on paper but I call that a friend.

“He’s given me the step to be where I want to be. I’ve been accepted onto a course at Goldsmith’s University. My housing is properly sorted.”

Prison to Pandemic

This is a charity story from Switchback.