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A Blessing and a Curse

Abi painting

Abi’s Story

A Blessing and a Curse

15 year-old Abi has been a carer her whole life. She looks after her older brother Johnny who has autism and learning difficulties, her eight-year-old sister and supports her mum, a single parent.

As part of Create Live, Abi has been making films during lockdown, helping relieve the stresses of being a young carer…

“Because Johnny has autism, if there’s a small change in our life he can get very angry and very irritated. Johnny is older than me, so I’ve been caring my whole life. Most of my caring is offering emotional support and calming everyone down.”

Watch the fantastic video that Abi made about a day in the life of a young carer:

“Being a young carer is a blessing and a curse. I’m proud of the caring role that I have and that I’m able to help. At the same time, caring responsibilities prevent me from doing stuff most people my age would do, and I miss out on a lot of opportunities.

“I did a film project with Create, and that’s what started my love for making short films. We made a range of short films, using different filming methods and different gadgets.”

“Being able to unlock the creative side of your brain is very therapeutic. For me, all artforms are therapeutic; it’s a way to release your emotions and energy that you have built up.

“Being creative makes me feel really accomplished, proud and happy. It also lets me dream.”

abi's artwork

A Blessing and a Curse

This is a charity story from Create.