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Action for Conservation

Inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders

Action for Conservation is an environmental action charity that inspires and empowers young people, from diverse backgrounds, to become the next generation of environmental leaders.

Being a ‘conservationist’ or ‘environmentalist’ doesn’t just mean following a career as a field biologist or a campaigner. AFC believe that a passion for nature can flow through anyone’s life, whatever their day job. They inspire today’s young people to a long-term belief in the wonder of the natural world, which will shape their dreams and actions however their life turns out.

The Cause

UK wildlife has suffered significant damage over the past 40 years, with over 50% of species now in decline.

The RSPB believes that only 21% of children in the UK have an adequate level of connection to nature.

As children and young people lose contact with nature, they are less likely to fight to protect it as they grow older.

We know young people have a strong desire to take action and are often prevented from doing so simply through lack of opportunities and confidence.

”AFC supports young people to explore why they care about nature through going on camps, doing activities and engaging in public speaking like this! We are encouraged to be critical thinkers, and not accept everything we read or hear around us, to challenge accepted ways of doing things and to tackle a nonchalant attitude to climate change and the ecological crisis we face.”

– AFC Alumnus, Princess-Joy –

What They Do

The WildED Workshop Programme runs in secondary schools. Young people living in disadvantaged urban areas deliver local environmental projects that positively impact biodiversity, increase connection to nature and build soft skills.

AFC also run camps in UK National Parks giving smaller groups, from a mixture of backgrounds, transformational moments in nature, hands on conservation experience and project development training, equipping them with the skills and motivation to become environmental leaders.

Participants then join a one-year Ambassador Programme of mentoring, events and training sessions that empower them to lead change in their own communities and create a powerful youth voice for nature nationally.

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