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Stand 4 Socks

What if socks could change the world?

Stand 4 Socks

Stand 4 Socks make great socks and for each colourful pair you buy, one pair goes to a homeless person.

Socks are the most requested item by homeless shelters. This is because socks are rarely donated, as we wear through them and wouldn’t donate smelly socks with holes. This leads to foot issues for the people most in need. So Stand 4 went out and created the most suitable sock for homeless people, donating a pair with each they sell.

They’ve also created ranges for 11 of the UN Millennium Development goals so that you can support other causes such as gender equality or education.

These aren’t your average sock either. They are loud and we love them.

Stand 4 Socks

This news article was posted on 1 November 2019.