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Papyrus: Onwards and Upwards


Leaving the fold

We’re super excited to announce that after two years as part of the Raise Your Hands family, PAPYRUS will be moving onwards and upwards!

PAPYRUS have had a truly phenomenal year in 2019, more than doubling their income. And while nothing makes us more happy than to see our charity partners thriving, it means they have also moved beyond the £1.5m income level that we use to define a small charity.


With no sign of the growth stopping, we will happily part ways, glad to have played some part in the life saving work they do.

Rachel from PAPYRUS:

“RYH donations have contributed to opening a London office and growing our team there, increasing the reach of our work.”

She explained how unrestricted funding is so important as it allows small charities to build the capacity they need to reach more people in need.

“We’re so grateful that Raise Your Hands chose this way to support their partner charities. It has really made a huge difference.”

Hazel, PAPYRUS’ Head of Fundraising takes up the story:

“Our teams grow, this means we can do more training, that more people know about us and therefore fundraise for us. This growth was part of a wider fundraising strategy with a renewed focus on applications to charitable trusts and highly successful hard-hitting campaigns on social media such as #BedTimeStories and #DeadBoy

“We’d just like to take this opportunity to say massive thanks to everyone at Raise Your Hands for your fantastic support over the last two years – we certainly wouldn’t be where we are now without you.”

We couldn’t be happier for all the team at PAPYRUS and wish them all the best with the next stage!

Papyrus: Onwards and Upwards

This news article was posted on 1 January 2020.