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What’s all the fuss about oat milk?

Moove over dairy

It’s no secret that dairy-free milks are on the up. It was recently reported that almost 25% of us in the UK now choose plant-based milks. Walk into any larger supermarket and you’re likely to find a carton of something plant-based beside your usual cow’s milk. Not only are they ideal for vegans and those intolerant to lactose but they’re also a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint, with the dairy industry being one of the top contributors to climate change.

But with an overwhelming number of options now available, you might be wondering where to start.

Soy or almond? Rice or cashew?

Well, if the environmental impact is your main concern then oat milk might be the first carton you reach for.

Compared with dairy milk, its production creates significantly fewer emissions as well as requiring a great deal less land. Oat milk even trumps soy milk regarding emissions produced, only beaten by the popular almond milk.

Still. Why oat milk then? Why not almond?

Almond milk unfortunately has one downfall. It requires vast amounts of water to produce, with a single glass requiring 74 litres of water, an entire bathtub’s worth! This is where oat milk takes the lead, requiring less than half that amount. On balance then, oat milk comes out on top, efficient in terms of emissions, land, and water usage.

So, if you’re looking to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint, switching to oat milk could be your next step. It’s pretty tasty too!

Moove Over Dairy

This news article was posted on 1 December 2019.