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Make a Ripple

Make a Ripple

Take one small action

One of the central pillars of the RYH ethos is that how you give should be up to you.

Our members give a flat monthly donation, based on what they can afford.

£5 means £5. And that’s it.

Not £5 and a follow up call asking for £10.

But we do have one ask. It’s not a big thing but it can have an enormous impact. We need you to talk.

We’ve seen it happen plenty of times. One chance conversation, leads to an introduction, which leads to a new member or a large donation. It’s the ripple effect in action.

A word in the ear from a trusted friend is infinitely more powerful than reading an email or seeing an ad.

We strongly believe that we’re doing something different at RYH, something that’s interesting and worth talking about. As a member, hopefully you share that belief.

If you do, please help us spread the love. More of us means more impact, more change. Mention RYH to a friend over a drink. Share a post on Facebook. Put us forward as your Charity of the Year at work.

Take one small action and start the ripple.

Make a Ripple

This news article was posted on 1 August 2019.