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Grief Encounter Leave the Fold

Grief Encounter Leave the Fold

It’s one of our favourite blogs to write; when we get to announce that a charity has outgrown us and is leaving the Raise Your Hands fold.

Now it’s the turn of the fantastic Grief Encounter.

They were amongst the six charities selected when we launched in 2015. RYH donors have been supporting them with unrestricted funding ever since.

Over that time they’ve seen a steady growth in the number of bereaved children they support through counselling, workshops, retreats and a national helpline. During the pandemic their services were in greater demand than ever before and calls to their helpline doubled.

Grief Encounter’s income has grown as they successfully raised funds to meet this increasing demand. We’re proud that RYH has been part of Grief Encounter’s journey to no longer being classified as a small charity.

That means that we will happily part ways, wishing them the best of luck for a bright future!

Richard Fogleman, Grief Encounter’s CEO sends this message of thanks to RYH supporters:

“At a time when so many bereaved families are in need of support from Grief Encounter, your support has made all the difference. Last year alone, we saw over 3,000 families and children. We absolutely rely on donations such as yours to continue offering our services and relieve some of the emotional distress caused by the loss of a parent or a sibling.

The biggest thank you comes from the hundreds of bereaved children whose lives you have helped to improve.”

Grief Encounter Leave the Fold

This news article was posted on 19 July 2021.