Mental Health with Raise Your Hands | Supporting Small Charities

Mental Health

How our charities strive to improve the mental health of young people

The Raise Your Hands community supports 12 amazing small charities, each working in different specialist areas but with two things in common.


Firstly, they work all with children and young people.


Secondly, mental health is a vital thread across all their work.

Why Our Charities

Whether it’s HIV, bullying or suicide prevention, our charities work tirelessly to improve the mental health of young people in order to give young people the tools to fight feelings of depression, anxiety or poor self-belief.

Their core aim is to give young people the opportunity to socialise, build meaningful relationships and, crucially, their self-belief and confidence.

Meet Our Charities

Small charities are specialists, working in a particular field like HIV or suicide prevention. That means they’re experts in what they do. Because they’re small they can work quickly and responsively to needs without the bureaucracy and politics of larger organisations.

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