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So what is Dot Impact?

We know that our MWAM colleagues care deeply about social impact. We also know it can be difficult to prioritise where your charitable support goes.

Our Dot Impact partnership with Raise Your Hands (RYH) offers a solution.

Support a portfolio of great causes safe in the knowledge that your donation is having a proven impact on the lives of children across the UK. That’s why the Eureka Foundation has donated £60K over the past year. Now you can be part of the solution too.


One donation, bigger impact

All donations are split evenly between twelve exceptional small charities carefully selected by Raise Your Hands. From the UK’s biggest ‘baby bank’ to treating trauma with outdoor therapy, these charities all use interesting and innovative approaches to help children and young people.


More than double your money

All colleagues donating to RYH (or any other charity) will get their gift matched by MWAM, an additional £1 for every £1 donated.

Not only that but our CAF payroll giving scheme means donations are made before tax. So at the highest tax rate, you can give £120 a month at a cost of just £33.*

*Donation size of £60 generates £27 tax relief so real cost to you is £33. The £60 match from MWAM brings the total to £120.


more reasons to give

  • Receive the quarterly Dot Impact Bulletin which brings together news from the world of social good and tech, with tips on making a positive impact
  • If you want the detail on where your money is going, receive due diligence reports on each of the charities from RYH, with regular updates and robust annual monitoring
  • There are plenty of opportunities to get more involved including volunteering, learning events and the legendary Midnight Madness.

In the finance world, funds flow to the most effective companies. In the charity sector that isn’t always the case. The big names with big budgets receive the lion’s share of income, irrespective of their effectiveness.

MWAM wants to help redress the balance.

Raise Your Hands supports exceptional small charities that work with young people.

The 12 RYH charities have seen demand skyrocket during the pandemic, as young people have been disproportionately affected. We’re impressed with how they rose to the challenge. They’ve adapted their ways of working and innovated like never before, so that they can help vulnerable young people when it matters most.

Dandelion Time

Dandelion Time

For some children, home might not be a safe place right now. Calls to the National Domestic Abuse helpline are up by 49%. At Dandelion Time, 88% of their referrals have experienced abuse or domestic violence. Their monthly referrals have more than doubled since the start of the crisis.

Grief Encounter

Grief Encounter

There has been a 97% increase to their Grieftalk helpline over the past four months, with a 10% further rise forecast in 2020. Coronavirus deaths mean that at least 250,000 people are now grieving a loved one.


Little Village

The UK’s biggest baby bank usually support 450 families a month. Since lockdown, they’ve been supporting 650. They’ve answered over 1,900 requests for support and are on track to support around over 6,000 children this year – double last year’s number.

Innovation in the face of adversity

The challenges posed by lockdown have shown the best side of the RYH charities.

We’ve seen just how nimble and adaptive these small, well-run organisations can be.

They’ve adapted their ways of working and innovated like never before, so that they can continue to help vulnerable young people.

Football Beyond Borders

Football Beyond Borders

During Lockdown FBB created their virtual school programme, completing an impressive pivot and meeting a new need of engaging kids with school work remotely. As part of this programme, they also created a spoken word project called Beyond Bars.


Little Village

Find out about their craft packs, the virtual village, and Royal support for their work with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Create Arts UK


Create has won the Charity Times Charity of the Year Award.

The Award is given to the charity that the judges believe has delivered “outstanding service to its beneficiaries, promoted and raised its cause, been clear in its goals and strategy and demonstrated excellence, especially within the last year”.

Sport 4 Life UK

Sport 4 Life

S4L recognised the need to ensure young people, communities and organisations stay safe and as strong as possible, so they developed their services to adapt to COVID-19.

Planning for the Future

Children and young people are one of the groups most affected by the pandemic.

This is happening here and now.

Dot Impact allows you to be part of the recovery all over the UK with just one donation.