Christmas 2021 campaign - Raise Your Hands | Supporting Small Charities

Double your Donation

It’s very simple.

The 12 Raise Your Hands charities have had a very busy year.

Demand for their services has grown in 2021 and they’ve been supporting more children and young people than ever.

Our goal, with your help, is to raise £12,000.

A Christmas bonus to help RYH charities rise to this challenge and finish the year with a bang.

One of our generous patrons has agreed to match all donations made in December, meaning your support will go twice as far.

That means a donation of £20 will generate £45 (with Gift Aid) to go to this vital front line work.

12 days of Christmas

12 RYH charities

12 reasons to give.

Grief Encounter

Flew the Nest

We’re proud of playing a part in helping Grief Encounter outgrow our definition of ‘small charity’.

They were one of the RYH original charities when we launched in 2015. RYH donors have been supporting them with unrestricted funding ever since.

“At a time when so many bereaved families are in need of support from Grief Encounter, your support has made all the difference.”

Richard Fogleman, Grief Encounter’s CEO

Football Beyond Borders

Launched anti- racist campaign ‘Gamechangers’

A more diverse and authentic education on British Black history is missing from current curriculums but is vital in promoting equality, inclusion and respect for others.

The Gamechangers programme was rolled out to over 250 young people in 16 schools across London and Manchester and had support from Ian Wright.

CEO Nicky Goulder holding award


Won the Charity Times Digital Transformation of the Year award

An incredible pivot from the cancellation of every project in the diary in March 2020 to their busiest year to date.

They reached 1,303 vulnerable children and adults with 59 projects and 938 workshops.


Launched the ArcHIVe podcast

Created by a group of young people who have grown up living with HIV sharing their thoughts, ideas and hopes.

“It’s only right we have our stories told, by us, for us, about us…

“I am me, not HIV.”

Dandelion Time

Revamped their Maidstone HQ

A beautiful new site, complete with farmhouse and yurt that will help thousands of children to recover from trauma in nature and the outdoors.


Launched confidence campaign

The ‘I love me’ campaign made our hearts sing

Little Village

Responded to the Afghan refugee crisis

Like everyone, Little Village watched in horror as the scenes in Kabul played out and they launched an appeal to help families as they arrive in London. Within the first week they supported over 500 children under 5.

They are now providing items to many of the families who have moved into ‘bridging hotels’. This is on top of the 100+ families living in poverty that they support every week.

Mousetrap Theatre Projects

Launched the Best Advent Calendar

An advent calendar like no other, Mousetrap has done it again in 2021!

Sport 4 Life

Launched multiple new programmes

🏀 A female-only basketball camp in partnership with Justplayuk, including a sport leaders qualification

🏐 A new Functional Skills Course helping 16-29 year old develop key maths and English skills

⚽️ Three new Weekly Sports classes allowing young people who might not have had the chance otherwise, to play football, basketball and futsal (we had to google it too)

Storybook Dads

Helped families stay connected despite locked prison gates

Unable to operate inside prisons, Storybook Dads used digital tech to keep protecting the children of prisoners from paying the price of their parent’s imprisonment.


Changed the prospects of young people leaving custody through campaigning successes

Two impressive Switchback campaigns have had an impact on how the criminal justice system treats its young adults

Wave Project

Work started on the world’s first Beach School

If successful this will be the first school of its kind, specifically designed to provide a therapeutic setting for children who are struggling to engage in normal lessons.

Building on Wave Project’s successful Beach School and Surf Back To School programmes, the new Beach School has been carefully designed to help to reduce the number of children who fall out of the traditional education system.