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Strategic Philanthropy

Unlocking the potential that exists within every company and individual, and engaging with charities the Raise Your Hands way.

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How it works

Raise Your Hands works to unlock the potential that exists within every company and every individual in the UK. Dot Impact is a strategic partnership between your company and exceptional small charities.

Think of us as your outsourced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department.

The corporate need

CSR and ESG are no longer nice to have but must-have. This isn’t just a question of values but commercial imperative and an external visibility objective. A company’s approach to philanthropy can and should enhance its corporate culture.

Done right, philanthropic engagement provides employees with a purpose beyond that of their work, nurturing people with heart and drive. There is a vast amount of research that shows helping others improves individual happiness and wellbeing, which in turn helps with staff retention, cohesion and motivation.

“People want to work for and volunteer for organisations they admire and respect. Consumers, whether paying customers or recipients of social services, gravitate toward organisations that demonstrate good corporate citizenship. Strategic philanthropy builds brand equity and employee morale and is a vital component for differentiation in the marketplace.”

– Disney U by Doug Lipp –

How does it work in practice?

We work with companies on a case by case basis, starting a conversation around your needs and objectives.

We have a menu of options to choose from. This could be anything from advice on due diligence and monitoring for your company’s foundation donations, through to providing lunch-and-learn, or volunteering opportunities for your staff.

How did Dot Impact come about?

Through Midnight Madness we work with some great companies, in particular in the finance sector. Many of the senior decision makers love what we’re doing at Raise Your Hands and wanted to know how we could work together in a more strategic and long term way.

The companies we speak to don’t have big CSR teams with the necessary time and resource to deliver an effective philanthropic programme. They want to be in that space and were fully aware of the necessity of philanthropic investment as a part of developing a great corporate culture, hiring the best talent and developing their staff to the best of their potential.

From these conversations, Dot Impact was born.

Why Raise Your Hands?

Our mission is to support small charities working with children and young people. We do this by creating innovative models to unlock the potential that exists within every company and every individual in the UK.

We are small charity experts. Any charity that comes under our wing must submit to the following:

  • A rigorous due diligence programme that we’ve fine tuned over the last 4 years
  • Five stage selection and approval process
  • Robust structure of annual monitoring

Beyond the paperwork, we maintain strong relationships with charity leaders and founders to keep an ear with what’s happening on the ground.

We are externally funded by patrons and supporters and are NFP ourselves.

You can read in more detail about Raise Your Hands and why we support small charities.

Sound interesting?

To find out more about how Dot Impact can unlock the potential in your company, please get in touch with Slaney Wright or for more general enquiries please contact us.